Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Buffet :)

Yippee!!! We got an amazing deal today on craig's list. I have been searching consignment stores and craig's list for weeks looking for the perfect buffet for our entryway. This morning I woke up and checked criag's list to find a buffet made for our entryway. It is exactly what we have been looking for. Here are the listing photos:

When I saw that there was a drawer where we could keep all of our millions of keys. I was so happy! How two people can have so many keys is unknown to me but somehow we do. After much heartache and phone calls we went and got our beloved buffet and brought her home. This is what she looked like once inside the house:

Of course the other family members had to check her out and make sure she was alright ;) My next step was to give her a good cleaning (which was truly disgusting). After her bath this is what she looks like:

I can't wait to paint her next week on my time off. She will be cream to match our hutch. I am soooooo very excited.

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