Sunday, October 24, 2010

Knobs for the Buffet???

Hmm, I am now having a difficult time deciding on the perfect knobs for our wonderful "new to us" buffet. These are the ones that I am considering:

But first here is what the current knobs look like:

They are a little to gold/brass for me. This little love is a key hole knob from Anthropologie. I think that the width of it might just be perfect for the buffet. It would definitely be a classic choice.

This Ripe Melon Pull would fit perfectly, but is still a shade of brass. What do you think?

This Rosy Knob comes in four colors, but I think I like either the blue or white one. I am not sure how this one would fit or match because there is no metal on it. Oh, but how I love it.

I absolutely love the color of this Urchin Test Knob. It is just beautiful, but I am not sure how it would look with ivory paint.

Now that I am thinking about the ivory color maybe something slightly more like this Bauble Knob. This one seriously makes my heart jump. :)

Or, how about this Glass Melon Knob. I love that it has a bit of metal in with all of that wonderful pink color.

Alright let me know if you have a preference. I am going to be busy thinking about it for the next couple of days. I have to order them soon so that they can be here for next week!!!

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